"Young children respond to gestures and movement before they react to the spoken word. They understand and explore sound before they learn to speak. They draw pictures before they form letters. They dance and act out stories before they learn to read."

Our belief in Lucy School comes from many points of Lucy School’s philosophy  but the main reasons two of our children attend Lucy School is because of the student-directed, nature-focused, and experiential learning that takes place each day.


When our daughter entered her 2nd grade classroom at Lucy School, she said, “where is my desk?” She had attended public school for kindergarten and 1st grade before returning to Lucy School. This statement tells us, as parents and as public school employees that Lucy School has it right – children learn by experience; there are no assigned desks for children to sit in for hours at a time.  Children are asked to be active participants in their learning, which is hard to accomplish at a public school with 25 – 35 students in a class.


The smaller class sizes are ideal for individual attention and personalized instruction. Arts-based programming allows children to engage their imagination; to have opportunities for higher level thinking whereas in public school, most of the learning is wrote memory and facts thrown at the group of children, due to standardized testing and larger class sizes.


When I attended the Parent/Teacher conferences, I was shown their actual work and progress through sketchbooks and activities. I was not shown the results of test scores given every other day to show where my children fell on a scale according to other children in the state or country. I was shown what mattered to me – the actual progress in writing, reading, spelling, math, and social skills. The teachers spoke about my children, not the class as a whole or the data of the school. This was a refreshing enlightening moment for Derek and I.


Each day, our decision to enroll our children in Lucy School is reaffirmed. Every staff member knows our names as parents; every child knows all of the other children. It is certainly a family feel and a comfortable family at that!


Derek and Holly

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