"Young children respond to gestures and movement before they react to the spoken word. They understand and explore sound before they learn to speak. They draw pictures before they form letters. They dance and act out stories before they learn to read."

This page contains useful information for both new and returning families, as well as links to a number of documents and forms that are required by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and Lucy School. Please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance in completing these forms; we'll be happy to help you navigate this process! In order to ensure adequate processing time and compliance with MSDE, all forms are due by August 1st.  If you have any difficulty meeting this deadline please contact the school as soon as possible. The completed documents should be mailed to:

Lucy School
PO Box 1111
Middletown, MD  21769


Required Forms

If your child is enrolling at Lucy School for the first time please read, sign, and return the following forms to the school:

  1. Permission to Photograph and Use Images and Artwork (click here to download)
  2. Permission to Participate (click here to download)
  3. Emergency Form (list at least one non-parental emergency contact). (click here to download)
  4. Health Inventory (including immunization record) completed and signed by your physician (click here to download)
  5. Recommendation form for Kindergarten and First Grade Students Only (click here to download)
  6. Recommendation form for Second-Eighth Graders (click here to download)


If your child is returning to Lucy School, please return the following forms to the school:

  1. Lucy School must have received a current Emergency Form (click here to download).  You may either fill out a new one or initial the previous year's form at the bottom.
  2. A recent (signed by your physician within the last twelve months) Immunization Record.  Your pediatrician should be able to provide an immunization record.  If your pediatrician's office does not use their own software to track immunizations they may sign and fill out this Immunization form (click here to download).


Communications with the School

Families should expect to receive a weekly email from their child's teacher (usually sent on Sunday evening) detailing plans for the following week. In addition to communications sent directly from your child's teacher, the school office sends out emails both to individual parents (usually from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and to the entire school (usually sent from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  You can help minimize the possibility that our emails will be directed to your Spam or Junk folder by adding these emails to your address book. 


If you are not receiving (or stop receiving) weekly lesson plan emails from your child's teacher and (at a minimum) the monthly school newsletters sent from the office please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can troubleshoot any issues and make sure that you are receiving important information about school news and activities.


It is important that we have current parent contact information. Please make sure that your child's emergency contact form contains home, work, and cell numbers for both parents and at least one individual we can contact in the event we cannot reach a parent in case of illness or emergency. If you change jobs, cell numbers, email address, or move to a new street address please make sure that the office and your child's teacher has this information. 


Drop-off and Pick-Up Procedures


Preschool drop-off at the barn is 8:50 to 9:10 am and pick-up is 2:50 to 3:10 pm Monday - Thursday and 1:50 to 2:10 pm on Fridays.  Drop-off for the Young Threes program is the same as the Preschool drop-off.  The Young Threes teacher will communicate pick-up procedures with parents.


Kindergarten drop-off will be at the farmhouse from 8:40-8:50 am and pick-up is at the Green Building from 3:10-3:20 Monday-Thursday and 1:55-2:10 pm on Fridays.


Drop-off for 1st-5th Graders is at the Primary Building from 8:40 to 8:50 am and pick-up is from 3:10 to 3:20 pm Monday-Thursday and 1:55 to 2:10 pm on Fridays.


Please use the following drop-off/pick-up routine: Drive around the barn and pull up behind the last stopped vehicle in front of your building. We will meet your car and help your child out of (or into) the car. Children must exit (or enter) through the door by the curb – they should not step on the road and walk around the car. Please stay in your car! We will attempt to unload/load multiple cars at a time so, at drop-off, please have your child ready to exit when you pull up. If you are late dropping off your child, and miss meeting the teacher at your car, please walk your child into their building.  Once this procedure is completed, follow the car in front of you to the exit. Do not drive around cars in font of you unless you are directed to do so by a member of the school staff.


Pre-K Only: When you reach the building, unlock your child's door and lower the front window and initial the sign-in/out sheet; school staff will help your child out of/into the car. This will expedite the process and increase safety.


To give us sufficient time to prepare your child for pick up, please place your child’s name (boldly written on a sheet of sturdy paper or cardboard) in the left corner of your windshield. If you are in a carpool, the names of all the children you will be picking up that day should be included. Anyone picking up your child must have your written permission. Please keep us updated in writing of all persons permitted to pick-up your child. If on any day there is a pick-up change, send in a signed note with your permission for the new person to pick up your child.


First Week!

Parents are always welcome to visit the school. However, in order to best facilitate the transition to school, please do not to come into the building during the first two weeks of school. After this transition time, if you are planning to visit, follow the drop-off routine, then park your car and come join us for “singing meeting.” If you want to visit at other times, or are volunteering, just park and enter through the lobby door.

Please note:  The first few days of school we have a transitional schedule.  Please refer to the School Calendar which notes what times school ends on these days for our different programs.


The first day of school please bring:

Clothing Well Marked! Your child will need an extra set of clothing including underwear and socks (name clearly marked on each item) in a zip lock bag (with your child’s first and last name clearly marked on the front). Please have your child wear sneakers to school. Sneakers are best for jumping, climbing, dancing, running, and hiking. By mid-September please send in a set of rubber boots for your child (K-5th students bring in first day if possible). Children take their shoes off at Lucy School and sometimes socks as well. Please have your child’s name or initials on the backs of each shoe and on the bottom of each sock! This will help us identify them and return them to you.


Preschool and Kindergarten students: No Backpacks, please! Our curriculum is designed to foster self-help skills and a tote bag rather than a zippered backpack enables your child to independently handle their personal and school items.  A canvas tote bag, with your child’s name clearly marked, is recommended. We will be using pocket folders to send papers home, so any tote bag that can hold a small lunch container and a 9x12 folder is fine! 


Important Dates to Remember!

Back to School Family Potluck Picnic:  Friday, August 22nd, 5-6:30 pm (new preschool families meet at 4:30 pm). Come meet your child's teacher and classmates. Bring a favorite dish to share, a blanket or lawn chairs, and your re-usable picnic ware. (Note: The Young Threes have a different Back to School meeting on Wednesday, October 1st at 10 am).

Wednesday, August 27th:  Before and Aftercare Begin

Back to School Night for Parents: Thursday, September 11th, 6:30-8:00 pm.  Come see your child's classroom and learn about how to become more involved in the Lucy School community.


Meals and Snacks:

Preschool Parents: Preschool children are provided healthy morning snacks. Please pack a nutritious meal for your child each day in reusable containers (with your child’s name on the bottom and lid). When you are preparing lunch remember that we cannot refrigerate or heat up the food that you send. Milk and water will be offered at every lunch.


Primary Parents: please pack a nutritious lunch for your child including vegetables and/or fruits your child favors. We cannot refrigerate or heat up the food that you send in so please keep this in mind when you are preparing lunch. We will provide milk and water.

Please do not send in sugary foods/desserts with your child’s lunch.


Carpool Planning

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (specifying addresses of interest) in order to receive contact information for families on this map (updated August 19, 2014).  The 2014-2015 carpool map will be posted and updated continuously throughout the year!

Supply List by Program/Grade

Click here to see the 2014-2015 supply lists!




On the first day of a school closing in Frederick County, we are also closed.

On the first day of a Frederick County two-hour delayed opening, we are delayed one hour (and our before-school program is canceled for that day). 

Should county schools be Delayed or Closed for a second, consecutive day we will make a decision based upon local conditions.

Note: An early dismissal is also considered the first day of a weather-related closing, and Lucy School may open on schedule the following morning regardless of Frederick County status. Road conditions may vary; base your attendance decision on the safety of road conditions between your home and Lucy School.

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